I had never heard of this before but my wife had so we checked it out. I was glad we did. It's a really cool looking place inside and when you first come through the door you can look down the room and see the actual brewery place and equipment. Inside we took a seat the waitress came and asked us what we wanted my wife ordered there 8 drink beer sampler. I got a unsweetened tea.
The unsweetened tea was far better than half but half again less than the best tea I have ever had.
The beers came out in a numbered holder .I really am not a beer aficionado by any means however I gave them the best tasting I could and was surprised in the wide difference between them. Pretty amazing. My wife enjoyed 4 of the 8.
We ordered a supreme pizza and a BLT both with salad no disappointment here.
I recommend this place especially for beer drinkers

Kevin Wagenknecht

Very nice restaurant and brewery!

Tasty menu items.

My wife says the Ale is very good. I'm not a fan of Ale.

Vintage cozy space inside a historic downtown building.

Lots of indoor seating plus an outdoor space used for occasional live music.

Limited street parking.

Joshua Spurgeon

We took a drive to visit Bee's Knees and really enjoyed everything about the place. The servers were great and helped each other. The food was good and the beer selection was wonderful.

Joyce Slocum

Wow! We dropped in on the way to a concert and I am so happy that we did. The beer flights were amazing and very reasonably priced. The fried Mac n cheese was delicious. We ordered the hand tossed chicken, bacon, ranch pizza and it was cooked perfectly. The wait staff were attentive and you could tell that they truly enjoyed working there. This was a first and we are excited to return and try something new. See ya next weekend!

Kimberly Ferguson

Bee's Knees offers fantastic brews and excellent calzones. I loved the Tangerine Haze best! (My fiance loved the IPAs).

Karen Trout

Great place for food and craft beer. We had pizza and nachos, both were good and I would recommend. I also liked the, 'I'll Be Bock' beer. It was packed full of customers when we went but the staff did a great job.

Kurt Baker

Amazing food and service!!! The appetizers and pizza were delicious!!

Katy Cason

Have not been disappointed, even once! Their pizza is perfect. We had hand tossed, build your own with pepperoni and bacon. SO GOOD!! Crisp edge pepperoni, stringy cheese, crisp bacon crumbles, and yeasty crust. Glad we had leftovers!!

Krista Lepper

Staff was friendly and attentive. Waters and beers were always full and answered questions about the beer.
The pizza was amazing!!! A crispy bottom with a chewy crust.
Worth the drive if you do not live in area.

Robert S

Nice folks. Good food. Great beer!

Gene Bauer

Great beers and food! Only downside would be food was a little slow, but we were there to hang out and have a good time. Server was really friendly and took great care of our group :)

Kristen Raber